Friday, February 3, 2012

Zulu Belly!!

Let's Speak Frankly

I happen to have a very sensitive stomach.  Even when I travel from state to state, I get 'issues'.
Zulu Belly, dude?

So I have to be extra careful when I travel abroad.  Here are some tried and true methods that I use for Tanzania:

  • Pack Pepto bismol  or your favorite stomach remedy.  The minute I get the rumbles, I start chugging it like water.
  • Pack a small bottle of hydrogen peroxide.  This is useful when you need to rinse an irresistible piece of tropical fruit you just have to have (this is actually Dr. Oyengo's tip)
  • Stay away from any foods that are not cooked. Unfortunately,  you might have to do without fresh fruits and veggies during this trip.  The food in the hotel restaurants were we stay in Dar Es Salaam and Zanzibar should be ok.  However, when ordering food away from there, try to stay with cooked food
  • Carry hand sanitizer (I pack several travel size bottles) and use it before you put anything in your mouth.  You will find hand sanitizer in spray form, gel, and even wet wipes.
  • Drink only bottled water.  Please do not plan to drink any of the local water or anything washed in the local water.
  • Do not over eat.  Especially foods that you have never eaten matter how delicious.  One never knows how your stomach will react.
  • Do not sample any street food unless you are tired of living.  You seriously do not want to spend the few days that we are in TZ, camped in the bathroom or a typical TZ squatter!!
Squat Toilet (Squatters).  Clean...but...uhm complicated.