Monday, January 30, 2012

Meet Our Host in Dar Es Salaam

This is a very exciting trip! The object of which is three fold. First, to survey a few of Tanzania's many investment possibilities.  Second is to visit the Flood Garden program in Tanzania to see if and how you might want to help and third, is to experience the exotic beauty of Africa and African people.

In regard to poverty, many ask why many African countries remain under developed considering that Africa has some of the most lucrative natural resources world wide.  "Why don't the African people just take matters in their own hands and get out of poverty?"  These are questions that I hope will be answered for you in your visit to Tanzania.

However, there is a new wave of Africans working toward creating better opportunities for their people.  On this trip, we will meet people who are excited about working to help Africans become more prosperous.  I would love for you to meet our Tanzania connection and your new friends:

In Dar Es Salaam and Zanzibar

Dr. David Oyengo M.D
At over 7 feet tall, Dr. Oyengo received is secondary education in Germany and Russia.  He studied pre-med in Manchester and acquired his medical degree in Orthopedic Medicine in Russia.  He practiced there and in Berlin and also did free lance work with Doctors Without Borders.

He then worked as a medical consultant for the government of Niger, practiced medicine in Congo and Kenya and was an embedded medic in Rwanda during the war.

In the business world, Dr. Oyengo represented Compact Computers, a technology company from Singapore in Eastern Europe.  He also co-founded Swan Development LLC with Mr. Myles Pennington JD to do water projects and charity medicine in Equatorial Guinea.

Currently in Tanzania, as well as medical charity, he is the Vice President of Royal Mining, a company specializing in the exploration of gold and copper mining. His position as a business man has earned him high connections in the Tanzanian government officials.  He is gracious enough to give us access to his influential network and knowledge of doing business in Tanzania

He will be meeting us at the airport in Dar es Salaam and act our host, translator and guide until we leave for Arusha.

For more information, contact Dr. David Oyengo at

I will tell you more about David Gido, our host in Arusha and the rest of the team in another post

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