Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What to Wear? What to Wear?

Tanzanian women wearing Kanga
Ladies, I cannot emphasize enough that modesty should prevail in your wardrobe.  When we are doing touristy things, it is ok to dress in shorts and a T-shirt but when you may choose wear knee length skirts or loose fitting pants else where.

In Dar Es Salaam, we will be meeting government officials and other business folks so it will be appropriate to consider a business casual option . Although suits are the business uniform for men in Tanzania, it is ok for men to wear a crisp shirt and a tie.

Zanzibar is predominantly Muslim so even if it is a beach resort please consider what you wear.  Kanga, is a traditional multi-purpose/multi-colored cloth that Tanzanian women wear wrapped around their waist.  It can also be used as a shall or head covering and it can be purchased in the local markets.  You don't have to wear Kanga but you might consider a scarf to cover you head when in doubt.  Kanga are very inexpensive and they make excellent gifts for your friends at home.

In Arusha, you will be more free to wear what you want because the country side is not as conservative.  I felt very comfortable wearing what I wanted in Arusha.

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